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What does KI stand for?
Knowledge Incarnate” - the physical manifestation of knowledge.

Why are we doing this?
We believe that knowledge is the key to success. We are all busy people and don't have time to read as much as we probably should. These book summaries should serve as a foundational springboard for your personal and professional success, and allow you to decide which books would be most useful to you. This can help decide if you want to purchase the book for more detail, or serve as a reminder of the concepts later.

There is an extraordinary amount of useful knowledge in books, most of it untapped and unused. Information that people may not realize they are missing. We believe in showcasing this knowledge to the world, empowering each and every one of us to succeed.

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Why are you limiting the length of the summaries? There's a lot of information packed into these books.
To encourage people to buy the books. And so all of us can read the summaries in a reasonable amount of time given our busy lives.

How do I purchase a book from a summary I like?
There are several options to quickly get to the Amazon page for each book:

  • At the end of each summary is a link that says "Click here to purchase the book."

  • When purchasing individual summaries in The Book Shoppe, there is a link to Amazon below the "Add to Cart" button, which says "Buy on Amazon".

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Can I put in requests for books?
Subscribers can submit suggestions on the Members page.

I signed up on the 3rd of the month. Do I really have to wait 28 days until my first set of summaries?
Immediately upon signing up, you will receive the current month's package of summaries.

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If you're hungry for more than 5 summaries every month, you can purchase additional summaries at The Book Shoppe!

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